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AirBurst® Technology – Water Well Rehabilitation


AirBurst® is a revolutionary technology that uses compressed air to dislodge debris caused by mineral buildup.

This demonstration was completed by AirBurst ® Technologies, LLC


The Power of AirBurst®

AirBurst® can be used to rehabilitate and develop a variety of well types:

  • Municipal
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Injection
  • Irrigation
  • Injection
  • Recover
  • ASR
  • Residential

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There are four stages in the AirBURST® process:

The Four Steps Explained:

  1. An Intense vibration is created to breakup the concentration of minerals.
  2. The rapidly expanding air bubble creates an energy source in the form of a pressure wave that surges water against/through the screen.
  3. When the bubble collapses the negative pressure that is created dislodges material into the well bore and is expelled.
  4. A smaller bubble is formed to create another, less intense pressure wave.
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What Exactly Will AirBurst Do?

  • Clean Screen and Well Bore
  • Redevelop Gravel Filter
  • Eliminate Sand Production
  • Remove Neat Cement
  • Break Up Mineral Cementation of Gravel Pack and Formation
  • Remove Silt and Fine Sand from Pack, Formation, and Fractures in Rock Wells
  • Scour Bio-Slime from Screen, Gravel Pack, and Formation
  • Enlarge and Extend Fractures in Rock


Reasons to Use AirBurst


  1. Efficient
  • Short setup time; decreases down time
  • Fast removal of debris upon initial startup
  • May be used on shallow applications
  • Reaches beyond well bore; recorded > 75’, limestone well



2. Cost Effective
  • No special permits required
  • Reduces labor and equipment costs
  • No deterioration of casing or screen, unlike acids
  • No hazardous chemical, transportation, or disposal costs. No liability cost due to chemical usage.

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